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An anisotropic magnet is subjected to a strong uni-directional magnetic field during its pressing. The magnetic properties are the strongest in this direction

Coercivity, HcB (kA/m)

The demagnetasion power neccesary to return a previously magnetised object to a state of being magnetically neutral.

Curie point (°C)

The temperature at which a magnet loses its magnetic properties.

Demagnetasion curve

The second quadrant of the hysteresis curve that represents the formation of the magnetic field when using the magnet. Also known as the BH curve.

Material density

An indication of the hardness of a material. A measurement of mechanical strenght.


Isotropic magnetic materials have an identical magnetic field in all directions. The consequence of this is that the material can be magnetised in every direction.

Maximum energy product BH (kj/m3)

The point on the demagnetisation curve where the energy product H is at a maximum.

Temperature coefficient

Value at which the charge to the coercivity and remanence in magnetic materials is shown as a result of temperature changes.